FHIR IG Template Engine

A dynamically allocated set of APIs generated from reading any number of capability statements.

Currently Supported Implementation Guides

Carin Blue Button Capability Statement

This Section describes the expected capabilities of the C4BB Server actor which is responsible for providing responses to the queries submitted by the C4BB Requestors. The EOB Resource is the focal Consumer-Directed Payer Data Exchange (CDPDE) Resource. Several Reference Resources are defined directly/indirectly from the EOB: Coverage, Patient, Organization (Payer ID), Practioner, and Organizati...

Secure US Drug Formulary Server Capability Statement

This Capability Statement describes the capabilities of the US Drug Formulary Server which is responsible for providing responses to the US Drug Formulary queries submitted by registered Consumer Applications. This version of the Formulary Server requires a Plan Member to grant access to the drug formulary information that is applicable to their current prescription drug plan coverage. The complet...